Meet our awesome team!

At Temashop Group we see possibilities rather than limitations. Due to this our team consists of 25 employees representing both young and old, hearing impaired and chronically ill. Furthermore, we have individuals in job training and under education. On a daily basis we work with everything from buying and customer service, sales and marketing, warehouse and returns. When hiring new employees, we look for creative minds with the right qualifications and a positive attitude.

Daniel Diness Andersen

CEO & Owner

Erik Volquards Hansen

Managing Director (Sweden & Norway)


Nanna Valentin

Head of Sales & Customer Service

Mette Johansen

Head of Administration & Operations

Maria Tobiasen

Customer Service Assistant & Decoration Expert

Rasmus Redecker

Customer Service Assistant & Gadgets Expert

Sandra Salami

Customer Service Assistant

Janni Falk

Customer Service Assistant

Fanny Hansen

Customer Service Trainee

Trine Stripp Andreasen

Sales & e-Commerce Trainee

Carina Spangsbjerg

Student Assistant

Jesper Kristensen

Marketing Assistant


Kenneth Wiese Holt

Head of Warehouse

Joen Kirkegaard Nielsen

Warehouse Assistant

Chalotte Buchwald Hansen

Warehouse Assistant

Caroline Ørum

Warehouse Assistant, Returns & Mentor

Pernille Jensen

Warehouse Trainee

June Evensen

Warehouse Trainee

Kent Kjærgaard

Maintenance Service


Svend Rud



Karolina Henneberg

Kitchen Assistant

Anette Pedersen

Kitchen Assistant


Camilla Koerstz

Shop Assistant

Tara Nefer Teicob

Shop Trainee

Gabriella Sørensen

Shop Assistant

Karen Væver

Shop Assistant